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Recyclequeen Review

See what RecycleQueen has to say about ourGreen Choice Showerhead below:

“The other day, we purchased a Shower Tek – Green Choice Adjustable Showerhead. This is a 2-head shower head, with both a wall-mounted and handheld head. It has adjustable spray patterns, and the big water saving feature is the ability to regulate the flow from either head. The packaging claims the decreased water and energy use will add up to a $250/yr savings for a family of 4. For a $34 price tag, that’s not a bad return on investment.”


Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • Nice looking – reminds me of the shower heads at some nice hotels I’ve stayed at.
  • Easy to adjust the flow. It contains a 2.5 gpm flow restrictor as required by law, but also allows easy adjustment of the flow down to a trickle if need be. I found that when rinsing off, the full flow was nice, but when lathering up it was easy (and painless) to turn it down to a much lower flow.
  • Different spray patterns – although some of the spray patterns didn’t allow for much flow. Probably not a clear replacement for a shower-massage shower head, but it might be nice for homes with more water pressure than we have (see caveat below).
  • Easy to install. Almost took longer to get it out of its packaging than to install.

RecycleQueen’s 2 cents: I LOVE THIS SHOWER HEAD! I like a good challenge so taking a shower with only 1/2 of the water I normally used makes me feel like I win – but I know that actually our resources win. I highly recommend this product.

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