HUG LIGHT Buddies Book Light - SOLD OUT!

  • $ 14.95

  • Super bright LEDs.  High, medium and low settings.  Each light operates independently.
  • Soft and cuddly, high quality plush character.  Machine washable (character only).

  • Daytime and nighttime fun! 

  • Promotes reading time!

  • Hands-free.  Because little hands (and big ones too!) should be available for fun and function.

  • Flexible arms.  Bendable and moldable, the soft padded arms can be shaped to hug and to point and focus the lights exactly where desired.

  • High quality.  Engineered materials and a thoughtful design combine to provide the fun of plush and the utility of an excellent reading light.

  • A soft focus light pattern floods the entire page of even the largest books or magazines. 

  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (for up to 40 hours) – not included.   Auto shut off (after 30 min.) 

  • Can produce either white light or red light.

Meet the soft and cuddly companion who can also light up the night!  Hug Light Buddies is the plush LED reading light for both daytime and nighttime fun!  Two high quality LED lights are fixed to the ends of the flexible, bendable arms of a high quality plush character.  Other plush lights skimp on one or the other.  Not us!  Younger children (and older ones too!) will find our character lights to be fun and motivating for independent reading, general nighttime fun – and daytime fun too!  The long flexible arms of the character can be used to wear the light piggy backed around the shoulders or used to hang or mount the character from an object - in a position that directs the light where desired.  The flexible arms are constructed from foam-padded, metal wire – so they stand up to rugged and repeated use.  The “stereo” illumination provided by the two separate lights illuminates a very large area with no glare and much less shadow than a typical, single light.  The lights are capable of producing white or red light.  Red light helps to preserve “night vision” and it is much less stimulating than white.  Red light can be a wonderful help for nighttime child care – and trips to the bathroom.  The lights run on 2 AAA batteries for a long time – and there is a battery saving auto shut off after about 30 minutes.  Hug Light Buddies is a fun, cuddly, thoughtful friend for kids – and parents!


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