How Do You Get The Battery Door Open on the Huglight.

Here is a Youtube link:

The indented battery door latch is at one end of the battery door which sits against your neck when wearing the Huglight.  When the latch is holding the door in place it is shaped like a spread out "V."  To open the latch take your thumb or small screw driver and pull the outside edge of the latch towards the battery door.  You are in essence shrinking the shape of the spread out "V."  It should allow the door to release from the Huglight housing.  No need to pull up just pull the outer edge towards the door itself. 

When you put the batteries in, make sure they are all the way down in the compartment, put the door in place and push on the door itself next to the latch (allowing the latch to spread out) until you hear a click.  Do not push on the latch.


When I Put my Batteries in Only the Red Lights Work.

When the red lights are the only lights working that is a battery strength issue.  Most of us buy our batteries in large "warehouse" packs and towards the end of those big packs the batteries have been sitting long enough to become stale and weaker which can affect the white LED's.  Try a brand new set of batteries (check the expiration date) this should solve the issue.

How Do I Get the Activity Band On.

The activity band has two holes.  One small and one larger.  The small hole is to be put on one arm of your Huglight and remain there.  The other hole is larger so you can slip the other arm in and out of that hole easily for daily use to hold the Huglight snuggly around your neck.  The small hole will fit snuggly around the one arm of your Huglight.  Work it over the light head and up onto the one arm like pulling a rubber band.