Green Choice™ Power Shower: Chrome Wall Unit

  • $ 24.95

At ShowerTek®, we are committed to real choice - YOUR choice. You choose your water flow - you choose your impact on water consumption and your cost. It's that simple.

By law all showerheads flow water at a maximum of 2.5GPM (Gallons Per Minute), and if that's the kind of pressure you want then your Green Choice won't stand in your way. If you're moving slowly in the morning, just turn the dial and let water pour down on you. There are even 5 different spray selections if you need variety: choose between Full Body, Full Combo, Massage, Massage Combo or Mist. This isn't your typical low-flow showerhead; you can actually enjoy when you want to.

While you're soaping up you don't need the showerhead thundering down on you, though, and if you're washing your face you certainly don't want a jet of water drilling on your eyelids. That's the beauty of the Green Choice. You can turn the flow down as much as you want with just one thumb. You can even do it with your eyes closed.

The lower the flow, the lower your water bill. In 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy calculated that a family of 4 spends over $400 each year on showers alone and that figure is based on a relatively modest 10-minute shower. With water flow set to 1GPM instead of 2.5GPM, you can literally cut that in half. $250 in savings is certainly nothing to sneeze at. The Green Choice will pay for itself many times over.

Other low-flow showerheads offer water savings, but in reality they impose those savings upon you. With the Green Choice, you get to choose. You can live like a monk most of the time and enjoy some extra spending money, but you always have the option to crank 'er up and ride the spray.

Product features:
  • Totally Adjustable Water Flow
  • One-Hand Height Adjust
  • You choose the flow, you choose the savings
  • Gentle flow for kids & pets
  • Annual water savings up to $250

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