Rain Spray Large, 6 Inch Sunflower

Rain Spray Large, 6 Inch Sunflower

  • $ 29.95
  • Save $ 20.00

A Luxurious, Adjustable Rain Shower With A Deep, Brushed Nickel Finish. Let it rain! Get caught in a down pour with this beautiful, all-brass rain spray showerhead. Spa quality - discount price!

Showerhead Features:
• Relaxing Shower Spray
• 6-inch diameter head
• 60 Spray Jets
• Rubber Tip, Easy Clean Jets
• Solid Brass Head & Arm
• Brushed Nickel Finish
• 9-inch Adjustable Arm
• "No Droop" Arm Mechanics
• Simple Installation

Just by picking up this showerhead, you can feel the quality. Solid brass construction and attention to detail make this piece as pleasing to the eye as it is complimentary to your shower. A silky, brushed nickel finish graces the surface of each part. The 6-inch diameter swivel head bristles with 60 machined, cone jets tipped with rubber nozzles for easy cleaning and clog free operation. Two hand tightened wing nuts allow for locking and unlocking the swing arm quickly and precisely and provide the showerhead with an adjustment height of up to 19-inches!

Rain Shower:
A relaxing shower awaits you! The flow from this extra large showerhead is non aggressive and just right for getting the job done in a gentle manner. Easily adjusted, the articulating arm and the swivel mount showerhead make achieving the perfect spray height and angle easy to achieve. This is one showerhead whose quality you can see and feel.

Simple to Install:
After unscrewing your old showerhead and prepping the shower wall plumbing with the supplied thread sealing tape, the 9-inch arm is screwed into place. Once the arm is attached, the 6-inch head is screwed to the arm. This showerhead fits all standard size plumbing.

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