Showerhead Filters

Showerhead Filters

  • $ 10.00

Take better daily care of your skin, hair and lungs in the shower with this replacement, showerhead filter cartridge.  This cartridge filters contaminates in shower water, such as chlorine, which can cause excessive skin dryness, shorten the life span of hair coloring and permanents and can irritate the eyes and lungs. Also filters: Lead, Mercury, Iron, Bacteria, and Hydrogen Sulfide.  Filter lasts an average of 6 months for a family of four.  Filter life will vary based on actual level of water impurity as well as individual product use.


Filter Fits

ShowerTek Filtered Showerheads - only




These showerheads are discontinued items but the filters are still available for those of you who still have one of our showerheads.