Stand Choice Electric Sit-Stand Desk

  • $ 299.00

Our newest product from our sister company, Lifestyle Innovations LLC, The Stand Choice Electric Sit-Stand Desk. Infinitely adjustable from 5" - 20".  It is strong enough to lift 45 lbs and big enough to hold two monitors.  Whisper quiet and one touch operation.  Adjust your body multiple times per day from sitting to standing and any combination in between.  NO LIFTING REQUIRED!  Simple touch of a button to accommodate all heights with ease.  With other lift desks you have the fear of lifting with your back and having the potential of having your monitors fall over, so ultimately you leave the height of the desk where you put it, for the entire day.  Not with the Stand Choice Desk you can adjust all day long.  Tired of standing then put it down and sit within moments and vice versa.  You decide.